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Is nudity always shameful? Some would say yes. They could point to many passages of Scripture that associated nudity with shame.

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I don't blame Christians for trying to tackle a culture where young people are increasingly influenced by problematic cultural messages, where sexual harassment in schools is rife, teens are learning about sex from porn and more than ever, want to learn about sex and relationships in a positive, healthy way. It's important that they do, but it's also not particularly straightforward. Enter John Piper, with a recent interview outlining his reasons why Christians should never send nude selfies.

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Judge me if you will, but I fancy dressing the way God created us before Adam and Eve began shopping at Abercrombie and Fig. So it should have been no surprise when I found myself in nothing but a towel prancing around a strange neighborhood after locking myself out of the home at which I was house sitting. Yes, I'd been chunky dunking in the pool.

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Q: In their original state, Adam and Eve were naked in Paradise. As husband and wife in their innocent state, everything was fine with that. But then they disobeyed God and, as a result, became dominated by a sinful nature, which they passed on to all their descendants, including you and me. The reason they clothed themselves with fig leaves is because they were then ashamed and guilty before God, and thus tried to hide behind the fig leaves just like they tried to hide behind the trees

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Thank you so much, I certainly got a lot out of this blog!! I have been studying art history the past few years and loved the way you portrayed some of the greats in the history of nudity in art. Also learning more about Humanism and the influence.

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Comments on several blog posts tell me that this is a hot topic: When and how is it appropriate to include nudity and portrayals of sexual intercourse in various forms of art, specifically film? In regards to viewing nudity, it's clear that there's a spectrum of appropriateness. On one hand, it may be appropriate for a man to view his wife's or baby's unclothed body; at certain times a male physician may be within his right to view a woman's unclothed body.

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I have some great friends in ministry who find nude art beautiful. I, personally, find it awkward. The Grand Canyon is better in person.

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