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If you're trying to keep your vagina healthyyou're definitely not alone—dozens of products out there are trying to help you with that goal. But do you really know what you're shooting for—what a "healthy" vagina actually looks like? Sure, you can assume everything is working like it's supposed to, but what does it mean to have a healthy vagina—or, for that matter, an unhealthy vagina?

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I bet even reading that made you cringe a little and a part of you wanted to click off this page. Odds are that if you are reading this now you most probably have a vagina. Sorry, if you are a man reading this you are very welcome to continue.

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Well, I suppose this is meant to be appetizing. Oh, just gross. What is that thing? We have George Lucas to thank for the Pit of the Sarlacc, a giant subterranean desert plant that digests its prey for a thousand years.

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I'm a self-proclaimed beauty daredevil who is down to try anything once after proper website stalking and research, of course. Just when I thought I'd done it all—hydrating, brightening, LED, microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, and classic facials included—I discovered the vagina facial. It is also known as a "Vajacial," which is honestly so fun to pronounce.

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Labiaplasty is on the rise. Boys and men continue to worry that their penis is too small. Every other week there seems to be a new treatment promising to make your penis longer and harder or your vagina tighter, smoother, and more sparkly.

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What about this one Image:TwilaB Not only is the word misspelled, it's not referenced, and probably cannot be scientifically proven. There's more vandalism -- the last sentence of the opening paragraph!

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It is a well known fact that any sufficiently popular form of communication will eventually be used for sexual purposes. The written word gave us the erotic novel, texting has spawned sexting, and even adorable, bubbly emoji have been repurposed to communicate some pretty raunchy messages rather far from the original intentions of the members of the Unicode Consortium—as long as you're looking to talk about dick. Yes, for all the popularity and infamy of the eggplant emoji, there's no equally popular vulval equivalent. It's a tragedy for anyone looking to engage in equal opportunity emoji sexting.

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Consider the word vagina. It's often used to describe your ever-elusive lady parts as a whole, but it's actually a misnomer: Your vagina's technically inside of your body that's why an ob-gyn has to use a speculum to see it ; what many women are referring to when they say "vagina" is actually the vulva—your external genitalia. Familiarizing yourself with

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Pretty much no one likes to talk about discharge — even if you're usually an oversharer, the word probably makes you cringe a little. In fact, researchers think part of the reason people hate the word "moist" so much is that it reminds them of vaginal discharge. Of course, we're sloooowly starting to get past some of the weird taboos about periods and pit hairso who knows — maybe someday discharge won't be such a hush-hush topic either. After all, discharge is not only totally normal but it's actually crazy helpful too.


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