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Like many couples, at some point you and your partner may consider a more permanent form of birth control. One option for women is tubal ligation, while men have the option of a vasectomy. It is cheaper, faster and safer than many other options.

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Vasectomized men get laid an average of 5. Still, plenty of guys worry that sharp objects near their testicles could harm their sexual function. When a doctor performs a vasectomy, he makes a small incision on your scrotum, pulls out your vas deferens, and blocks off the pathway that carries your sperm from your testicle to your urethra.

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Vasectomy is a simple, outpatient procedure that causes minimal discomfort or downtime. It also prevents pregnancy better than all the other options out there—except abstaining from sex altogether, of course. While I am doing it, my patients and I talk sports, about their kids and jobs.

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Men generally get vasectomies to prevent pregnancy with a partner. Sperm is produced in the testiclesbut most of what you notice when you ejaculate is the extra fluid that is produced outside of the testicles and protects the sperm. About 30, men have a vasectomy in Australia each year. About one in four men over the age of 40 have had a vasectomy.

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Vasectomies are losing their popularity, but a study from earlier this year may suggest a reason to reconsider this minimally invasive procedure as a method for birth control. The research from Germany found that men often have more sex, experience better erections and orgasms, and have generally higher sex drives following the procedure. It's not that surprising that vasectomies are one of the least popular of all birth control methods.

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The most feared issue surrounding vasectomy? Certainly not the fact that men fire blanks afterwards. Most are just fine with having the gun go off without any resulting collateral damage.

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This set of frequently asked questions is designed to help you understand what a vasectomy is, and whether it is the right form of birth control for you at this stage in your life. If you would prefer to download a copy of this guide, you can find the guide on the right hand side. Just click on the guide and save it to your computer.

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A vasectomy is a procedure performed on the vas deferens, the tubes that put sperm into your semen when you ejaculate. Keep reading for more on what to expect from sex after your vasectomy. This may mean waiting a week or more after your procedure.

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Delayed ejaculation — sometimes called impaired ejaculation — is a condition in which it takes an extended period of sexual stimulation for men to reach sexual climax and release semen from the penis ejaculate. Some men with delayed ejaculation are unable to ejaculate at all. Delayed ejaculation can be temporary or a lifelong problem.

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A vasectomy is a form of permanent medical sterilization for men that's highly effective with very few complications. It is an outpatient surgical procedure that cuts the vas deferens tubes to keep sperm out of the semen. This procedure is highly effective at preventing unplanned pregnancies with few complications or unintended side effects.


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