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On March 15th,the server that housed our Wordpress Blogs has been discontinued. However, the server that we have used to house blogs these many years has reached end of life. For this reason we have opted to discontinue the server and, by extension, blogs.

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Another remake! Not that it's not a fondly remembered film by some, but it certainly doesn't have the enduring cachet of, say The Manchurian Candidate or Get Carter. If anything this makes it an even odder choice of film, but that's of little relevance to the matter in hand.

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Dick Harper Jim Carrey is a well-off middle ranking executive who works for the Globodyne corporation, and his wife Jane Tea Leoni works for a travel agency. They have everything that life could offer, including roll out lawn and a hole in the backyard for their new hot tub. At the same time as Jane quits her travel agency job to spend more time with their six-year-old son Billy, disaster strikes the Globodyne corporation.

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Richard Harold Smith AC born 18 March is an Australian record-breaking aviatorphilanthropistpolitical activist and serial entrepreneur. He was selected as the Australian of the Year. Inhe was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia[2] and is a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

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Is anybody else scared of Jim Carrey's teeth? They're so perfect, so big, so insincere. Carrey's unreality, his unhumanness, has taken him to the top of the Hollywood tree and those teeth are what he hangs on with.

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We were attending the Evangelical Theological Society convention, and had arrived a few days early to take in the sights. Entering Grace Cathedral Episcopalwe immediately encountered the labyrinth. Since I knew but little about labyrinths, we did not walk it.

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Globodyne is a consolidator of media. Globodyne's a consolidator of. It's basically a synergy.

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He has gained nationwide notoriety for two highly publicised escapes from a maximum security prison in and and for his efforts in the courts to reduce brutality and injustice in American jails. Books: Shank, Tool's law 1 and Heist, Tool's law 2. A The first draft was completed in just under a year.

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His opponents have many names for him — the majority of which are, alas, neither flattering nor meant to be. He is a taciturn schemer, a theocrat mole, loose at the top of the Canadian political system, determined to bend Canada to his grim and twisted design, to curb the liberties of Canadians, to push us and our country back into some fevered neocon darkness. George W. He hates baby seals.


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