Aurora dedicated breast mri

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The addition of breast MRI to mammography in screening breast cancer survivors for new cancers results in higher cancer detection…. Mary C. According to a report from the digital risk protection company, Digital Shadows, the majority of the files at risk for….

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Patients throughout Orange County and Southern California now have immediate access to the most technologically advanced breast imaging system for screening and early detection of breast cancer. MRI is a non-invasive method which renders the inside image of the breast without exposing the patient to any radiation. More importantly, the Aurora Breast MRI System provides an entire three-dimensional composite model of the breast, enabling physicians to diagnose cancer earlier and more accurately.

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For an appointment for a digital mammogram, ultrasound or a breast MRI, please call: or contact us now. Its unique technology provides high quality images that assist your physician in making the most accurate diagnosis. This system is intended exclusively for breast imaging, designed for a woman's comfort.

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In recent years, advances in magnetic resonance MR imaging technology have led to a greater role for this modality in the detection and staging of breast cancer. MR systems designed for breast imaging, improved gradient coils, and the ability to perform MR-guided biopsies have all played a part in its proliferation. Contrast-enhanced MR imaging of the breast is thought to be particularly useful in cases in which the mammographic findings are inconclusive, in women with dense breasts or small lesions, in cases of lobular carcinoma, and in detecting lesions in the contralateral breast in women with known cancer.

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In addition, the low frequency of false positive and false negative findings associated with the dedicated breast MRI system allows for use of breast MRI with low risk of patient harm in both the screening and diagnostic environments. For all cases, the NPV was The area under the ROC curve was

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By using a computer, a magnetic field and radio waves instead of x-raysthe MRI produces detailed images of the soft tissues in the body-from any angle and with great clarity. It is a vital diagnostic tool in breast health when used in conjunction with mammography and ultrasound. The increased level of detail that MRI offers helps make a more informed diagnosis.

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Unlike whole-body MRI systems, which require after-market modifications to image the breast, the Aurora 1. Every functional component of the system, from the patient bed, to the proprietary CAD system, to the integrated biopsy capability, is created specifically for breast MRI. Fat is not excited, resulting in fewer artifacts.

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Breast cancer accounts for more than two-thirds of all cancer diagnoses in women in Indiana and is the second leading cause of female cancer deaths in the state. Since opening its facility on the Community Hospital North campus inthe Breast Diagnostic Center has been dedicated to offering cutting-edge medical technology to its patients to ensure the highest level of patient care. This makes a significant impact on our practice by helping us define the extent of breast disease in our patients. This allows a more accurate diagnosis, so the most appropriate and effective treatment can be planned.

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Skip to main content. Published: Jan 11, Breast Care Specialists, L.

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Evidence-based screening guidelines are needed for women under 40 with a family history of breast cancer, a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, or other risk factors. An accurate assessment of breast cancer risk is required to balance the benefits and risks of surveillance, yet published studies have used narrow risk assessment schemata for enrollment. Breast density limits the sensitivity of film-screen mammography but is not thought to pose a limitation to MRI, however the utility of MRI surveillance has not been specifically examined before in women with dense breasts. Also, all MRI surveillance studies yet reported have used high strength magnets that may not be practical for dedicated imaging in many breast centers.


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