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Jesse James's Nazi hat was a gift from a Jewish mentor and does not make him a neo-Nazi, his lawyer said Wednesday. James is at a treatment facility "to deal with personal issues" in a bid to save his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock, a spokeswoman for James said. A photo recently surface of James wearing the German Nazi hat as he raised his right arm in a salute.

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David Lyncha prominent white supremacist and leader of the neo-Nazi group National Alliance, was found shot to death in his home in Citrus Heights, Calif. Police say it's "too soon to speculate on a motive" for the murder, but, shockingly, it may have something to do with meth. You all remember Dan Schruenderthe admitted neo-Nazi running for school board in Southern California.

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Now that Sandra Bullock has filed for divorce from Jesse Jamesthe Oscar winning actress is speaking out about the man she once knew. In a new interview with People magazineBullock says she was utterly shocked when she first saw the infamous photo of her soon-to-be ex-husband posing in Nazi regalia. The photo features the bad boy biker wearing a German soldier's hat, with one hand miming the evil dictator's mustache and the other giving a "Heil, Hitler " salute.

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Fill out the form below, or call us at The motorcycle enthusiast and ex-husband of Sandra Bullock has posted a picture of the chrome logo — which bears a striking resemblance to the Nazi Reichsadler or Imperial Eagle used by the party between to James, 45, has also been pictured in a car with a friend wearing a similar hat and doing the same salute — yet the father of three claims he is not racist.

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Throughout her career — first as a tattoo artist and later as a makeup mogul — Kat Von D has garnered a lot of fans, but also a lot of critics for her past comments and people she chose to accept into her life. Peppered across her social media channels are comments accusing her of being anti-Semitic and an anti-vaxxer. On Thursday, Kat attempted to address these criticisms in an minute video, which explains her side of the story.

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Why does a beautiful, intelligent, and successful woman act out like a desperate person when forming her most crucial relationship? Everyone loves Sandra Bullock. I love Sandra Bullock.

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James gets added to the list of celebrities that have succombed to the allure of the Third Reich. While Jesse James has made it known that he is going to kick his sex-addiction in a rehab clinic, the consequences of his betrayal of wife Sandra Bullock with the tattooed model Michelle McGee just keep getting worse. Just in the last couple of hours another photo of the very same James has begun to circulate, showing him with an outstretched hand in an unmistakable Reich salutewith a Nazi cap on his head.

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She's finally speaking out about the uproar caused by the now-infamous photo of her posing in a Nazi officer's cap and swastika armband. Ever since she came forward as the other woman in Jesse James's sex scandal, McGee has been accused of being a Nazi sympathizer. Apart from the photo, it was reported that McGee had a swastika tattoo on an intimate part of her body, and then there are those "W" and "P" tattoos on her legs. I am not a racist, I don't have those views.

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It was no surprise that the Summer Olympics were going to be complicated. The wrangling had begun months before the games, as the U. By the time Hitler and the German team opened the games that August, TIME noted that the athletic events were being overshadowed by "other doings in Berlin.

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We're not sure how many Nazi-channeling photos need to surface of you and your purported paramours before the "ha ha, we're kidding But we're getting closer to finding out. The newly rehabbing Monster Garage r picked a good time to retreat from the public eye, as two more potentially character-killing bombshells have dropped, doing their best to further unravel what's left of his marriage to Sandra Bullock.


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