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Rumor has it that Kruger bet a bundle on Jason and took a dive. Isn't that just so typically evil? I should have suspected a problem when I saw Kruger talking to Pete Rose.

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Freddy vs. Jason is an American feature film of the horror genre. It is a crossover between two popular franchises, A Nightmare on Elm Streetwhich features the demonic antagonist Freddy Kruegerand Friday the 13thwhich features the hockey-mask serial killer, Jason Voorhees.

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But Freddy has a plan to change all that, to make people remember him A girl goes skinny-dipping. Afterwards, hearing sounds nearby, she calls nervously for her boyfriend — but sees instead a hulking figure with a machete. She screams in terror and runs through the woods, but to no avail

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Slasher films are about two things, violence and sex. In honor of today being Friday the 13th, we look back at the sex involved in the biggest slasher franchise of all time. However these are based strictly on the Friday The 13th franchise meaning Freddy vs Jason will not be included on this list.

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A movie with sufficient popularity can go beyond the sequel, past the trilogy stage producing one film after another plus the co-existing video games and graphic novels. This phenomenon can occur in any genre but there is a good deal of evidence to support the claim that horror films have the best shot of achieving this status. This is not a recent occurrence.

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Freddy vs. After searching "the bowels of Hell", Krueger revives Jason Voorhees and sends him to Springwood; Freddy figures Jason's murderous rampage will end up blamed on Freddy which would give Krueger back his powerand Jason doesn't seem to care if he gets blamed so long as he gets to kill. For a brief period, the plan works: after hearing the name "Krueger" from a police officer, a group of teenagers connected to Jason's first few victims spread Freddy's name around town, which soon allows the Springwood Slasher to regain his powers.

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Sign in. Watch our trailer of trailers. A group of young adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions.

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