Breast feeding is not obscene

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We know lots of people have issues with seeing moms breastfeed. Facebook considers the pictures pornographic and others consider them sexual or can't imagine sharing something so "private. But when you're living the life of a breastfeeding mom, it doesn't take long to realize that you really can't hide it if you ever want to leave the house.

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The social attitude and legal status regarding the practice of breastfeeding babies in open view of the general public vary widely in cultures around the world. In many countries, both in the Global South and in a number of Western countries, breastfeeding in public is common and generally not regarded as an issue. In those countries, laws protect the nursing mother.

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Breasts are everywhere these days. They saturate our media in guises both trivial and sombre. Whether grotesquely augmented, stricken with cancer or tumbling unbidden from the frocks of soccer wives, breasts guarantee rapt attention and ongoing debate.

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I wanted a bit of controversy to liven things up around here, and my last post sure delivered! The entire series is as follows:. I tend to suppress my soapbox-ishness most of the time because I find that most people in our culture with some exceptions of course are simply incapable of rational debate and logical thought.

All rights reserved. The magazine cover of a woman breastfeeding a child is not "obscene," the Kerala High Court has ruled. In February, the cover photo of actor Gilu Joseph breastfeeding in a Malayalam magazine named "Grihalalakshmi" stoked a huge controversy.

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Aparta YA tu lugar por mail a safetyuno gmail. I am so sick and tired of people and doctors promoting breastfeeding only up to the age of 6 months!! My child's paediatrician just put up a post on his hospitals facebook page about how important it is to breastfeed your child, specially the first 6 months.

First, let's get the obvious out of the way: Clearly, there's nothing actually obscene or titillating, or sexually indecent about breastfeeding. In fact, not only is it as wholesome as apple pie — it's your right as an American to do it pretty much any damn place you pleaseby law. Forty-seven states allow nursing mothers to breastfeed in any location, public or private, while most others provide other protections, exempting breastfeeding moms from public indecency laws.

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Facebook has become the target of an 80,plus protest by irate mothers after banning breastfeeding photographs from online profiles. Facebook's policy, which bans any breastfeeding images uploaded that show nipples, has led an online profile by protestors - called "lactivists" in some circles - called "Hey Facebook, breast feeding is not obscene". The online petitionwhich accuses Facebook of instituting the policy to "appease the closed-minded", has attracted almost 82, supporters.

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Web-savvy moms who breast-feed are irate that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace restrict photos of nursing babies. The disputes reveal how the sites' community policing techniques sometimes struggle to keep up with the booming number and diversity of their members. Facebook began as a site just for college kids, but now it is an online home for million people from all over the world.

Facebook is standing firm on a policy that has led to the removal of some photos posted by women that show breastfeeding. The deletions have spurred Facebook members to stage protests both online and offline. The controversy began after several women began noticing that photographs of themselves nursing their children had been flagged for removal.


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