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Special Offers. Do you remember when you stopped sucking your thumb? Nearly nine out of 10 babies start to suck on their thumb or another part of their hands just hours after birth.

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The New York resident is the subject of the latest video from 60 Second Docsa series that tells the true stories of truly unique people"one minute at a time. Despite seeing nothing wrong with sucking his thumb, Miller has experienced firsthand how much society can misunderstand it. While his friends and family have been accepting, the habit can attract some awkward looks — even cellphone pictures — from strangers.

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Eric, a year-old advertising executive with a major U. It was at that moment that Eric realized he was sucking his thumb. Eric, of course, was lying.

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Years ago, in your pre-school toddler days, maybe? Or, like millions of grown-ups, do you still suck your thumb today? We do know that the habit usually starts before we are even born, and later it mimics the endorphin boost babies get while breastfeeding.

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She has been sucking hers for 37 years. She reserves her habit for bed, although her thumb still sneaks into her mouth when she is tired or stressed. Her teeth are fine and she struggles to sleep without it, so she has no plans to stop.

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I tried stopping the habit several times, but I always circle back to it. Approximately, more than one in ten adults secretly suck their thumbs; it is estimated that twice as many women do it as men. As a matter of fact, even singer Rihanna was reportedly spotted sucking her thumb publicly.

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Thumb sucking is common in babies and is said to actually begin in utero. Meant as a comforting gesture that mimics the endorphin rush brought on by breastfeeding, the habit should gradually subside in the first year of the baby's life. However, in some, the habit persists even into adulthood.

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By Lauren Libbert for the Daily Mail. Every night, Karen Sparrow rests her head on her pillow, pulls the covers around her and sucks her thumb. But Karen is not a toddler trying to soothe herself to sleep. She is a grown woman of 38, with a job as a data analyst and a family — and this bad habit, left over from childhood, causes serious disruption to her life.


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