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Wednesday night was one of those mad evenings of PVs across London; my main aim was to get to Art London — the first of the October art fairs — but, on the way, I decided to pop into Flowers to see their new exhibition of works by Mona Kuhn. Her photos struck me in a way that made me want to find out more. Mona Kuhn, Portrait 33, chromogenic print,

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Life drawing is an indispensable practice for the artist, it enhances our ability to see, understand and create. Since I started studying arts I have never stopped practicing life drawing because I know that the quality of my work depends on the quality of my drawing. Lifeless portraits are the result of mere dependence on photography and poor knowledge of the features in real life.

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The hacker first obtained nude photos of Bella Thorne then threatened her to leak online the picture, but she gave an unsettling answer. Fuck u and the power u think you have over me. The actress explained she has been harassed for the past 24 hours by a hacker who accessed to her nude photos.

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I wanted to do a hopefully quick link-up with the Caffeinated Reviewer book blog meme because ta-dah I actually have a couple of book reading updates. After the workshop I kept it in my bag and would read parts of it on the bus and this weekend on and off the bus until my eyes said auntie! It moves fast and leaves you winded.

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Sylvia Krystel in Emmanuellephoto cover May Jean-Paul Goude, advertising film director, illustrates in words the Giacobetti woman:. A woman is a woman.

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We do permit mature content on WordPress. A blog or website that is marked as Mature is excluded from public areas of the WordPress. This means:.

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If you are developing custom Wordpress themes for your projects in regular basis, these resources will definitely save you time rather than re-writing the theme codes over and over again. Of course there are numerous frameworks available that you could use and will take the pain away, but these may offer too much functionality. What if you just need the most basic mark-up, styling even no style at all and strip away unnecessary features to clear your way for own development?

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This weekend I went to Warnemunde, on the Baltic coast. Rent a towel, buy an ice cream, repeat until melanoma appears. The only thing that surprised me was how many nude beaches there were.

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When it comes to coding a WordPress theme, there are, without a doubt, plenty of starting points. While duplicating and editing the Classic theme is one of the most popular options, starting from a blank theme or a framework are much more efficient options. It includes all the necessary page templates index, page, single, sidebar, search,etc and has no styling whatsoever, which makes it my go-to framework when designing a new theme.

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Alien Nude is a mobile game developer based in Norway,with office in Oslo. We had no idea on how to develop games and felt like we were venturing into something new that we had no skill or knowledge about. You could say that we felt alienated and without clothes stepping in to the scene, and hence the name Alien Nude. Day after day, passionate gamers pour their love into discussions about video games of all kinds — rarely do we reflect the people behind the inventive puzzlers, story-driven adventures, and artistic experiments we obsess over.


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