What women think of mens shaved bodies

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Hair removal has a long and rich cultural history. By the 16th century, it was less about the removal of body hair, more about the removal of hair from the face. Aside from perfectly plucked eyebrows, somewhat surprisingly, women removed hairs from their hairline — to make their foreheads appear larger — as demonstrated by Queen Elizabeth I.

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Q: On TV and movies, it seems like the most attractive men shave most of their body hair off. Do women really care about this? Should I be doing this to look attractive?

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Men and body hair. There is a lot to talk about in this broad category. But men with plentiful body hair are also somewhat glamorized for their masculinity… at least, as long as it is done right!

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The Series is designed to power through hair, without compromising on skin comfort. Whether on the chest or hard-to-reach areas like the back. See all benefits.

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Yet despite the fact that back hair is a sign of extra testosterone in action, back hair saw no love from our volunteers. How can you admire the contours of the male back when it is covered with a rug of fur? Maybe trim down heavy hair.

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The body hair debate has been going on for a rather long time, and quite often it's paired with the seemingly simple question: Should women have to shave? Most people would likely argue that the conversation began in the s, due to the rise of second-wave feminism, the hippie renaissance, and the consequent beauty trend of going au naturale. The Chicago Tribune even featured an article titled, " Shaving and Fashion: A Storied History ," which reported how Jennifer Scanlon, professor of gender and women's studies at Bowdoin College, wrote in her book Inarticulate Longings: The Ladies' Home Journal, Gender, and the Promises of Consumer Culture that disengaging with practices such as shaving in the '70s and '80s was the "litmus test of feminism.

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Please refresh the page and retry. Evidently, they were as terrified as I was. To wit, when quizzed on the subject,

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Should men shave their body hair? Male grooming is one of those things where there are many speculations as to what guys ought to be taking care of. However, when it comes to male shaving, there are endless questions as to where a guy should or shouldn't be shaving.

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I was eleven when I began to notice the swimmers—teenagers on the team at my local pool. I understood that logic, but what struck me with the most force was the thrill of the ambiguity. Down that peeks out from underarms and covers legs seems to be going mainstream.

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Do all gay men shave their body hair? Should you keep some hair or not? Where should it be?


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