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Scientists have found a large and consistent orgasm gap between the sexes. For example, one recent study found that whereas 95 percent of straight men reported an orgasm every time they had sex during the last month, just 65 percent of straight women said the same. This orgasm gap even persists in the world of online porn.

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Expert insight on how to lie back, relax, and let go. But just when you think you're almost there, something happens—thoughts about work hijack your brain, or you start worrying about how your butt looks. You might also be comparing your ability to hit that high note to the way your partner always climaxes.

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Nearly half of all men wish their penis was a bit bigger — regardless of how well-endowed they actually are. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found a certain penis size gives women the most vaginal orgasms. Doggy is one of the best sex positions for men with smaller penises as it allows for deep penetration.

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One of the best things about masturbation is that there's no "wrong" or "right" way to do it: as long as it feels good and helps you feel sexually connected to yourself, it doesn't really matter how you choose to masturbate. But even if you feel like you know exactly what works for you already, that doesn't mean you can't still improve the way you masturbate. Taking the time to learn how to masturbate to have stronger orgasms is a super valuable skill that can seriously improve your sex lifeboth solo and with a partner.

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December 30, pm Updated July 26, am. Researchers at the University of Albany have been quizzing young women in heterosexual relationships about their sex lives — and, importantly, how intensely and frequently they experience the big O. The study found that women were more likely to climax if their partners were rich, confident and attractive — while the intensity of their orgasms also depended on how good-looking their man is.

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We know you already know how to please your man—and yourself—in bed. That's why we're taking it to the next level. This expert advice and hot sex positions will help you have your best.

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The female orgasm is fraught with myths, and perhaps the biggest one is the myth of the vaginal orgasm. The myth is not that orgasms elicited through internal stimulation exist — they do — but rather that a penetration is a reliable route to orgasm for most women and b if you have a vaginal orgasm, it will be the best orgasm of your life. I now know firsthand that both these ideas are false.

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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. It was instantly controversial, and the film was condemned by American censor Joseph Breen as "highly — even dangerously — indecent.

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When does "faking it" serve us, and when does it hinder us? This week ELLE. At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Rashida Jones, along with sex researcher Debby Herbenick, debuted Hot Girls Wanteda documentary about young women working in the amateur porn industry.

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Women aren't the only ones who feign pleasure in bed, according to a new study. Men fake orgasm, too. In a study of more than college students, 25 percent of men and half of the women reported that they'd acted out an orgasm during sexual activity. The biggest motivation to fake it?


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