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Skip navigation! Story from Wellness. Chalk it up to our excruciatingly horrible sex ed system or, you know, patriarchybut the vagina is actually the internal canal that reaches up to the cervix.

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AS Britain swelters in what's set to be a record-breaking heatwave, people are desperately looking for ways to cool down. Most of us resort to sitting in front of a fan, seeking refuge in air-conditioned buildings or having a cold shower. But one woman was so hot that she thought sticking an ice lolly in her vagina might be a good way to cool off, according to the Metro.

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The idea first came up while a friend and I were discussing the vagina's probiotic properties. So, as the disapproving ghost of Julia Child looked on, she grabbed a spoon, a pan, and a candy thermometer, and set out to create yogurt from her vagina—the ultimate in locally-sourced cuisine. We had joked before about making yogurt from vaginal secretions—predictable jokes about the dietary benefit of eating pussy, about naming the product 'Queeffer'—but then a Google search was performed and: nothing.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Averbuch said.

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FOR most women the subject of vaginal health is still taboo But silence can breed ignorance and there are some questions you may not want to ask your friends. And does a longer labia mean you have had a lot of sexual partners as some people really do believe?

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After my last blog post, The Myth of the Tight Pussy, I received a flood of responses from all kinds of people. Thanks to everyone who wrote in! However, I did get a couple messages that were an abrupt record scratch at my pussy party.

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Vaginas — or more accurately, vulvas, and all their components — come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. And unless your normal involves pain or discomforteverything is likely fine. Still unsure?

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Sex therapist, Madeleine Castellanos, explained to Buzzfeed that vaginal tightness is usually a result of not feeling sufficiently aroused before sex. However, in some cases, women can suffer from thicker hymenal tissue causing pain during intercourse. Regardless of the cause, sex writer with ThrillistElle Stranger has advice for women who find sex uncomfortable. She advises that foreplay be extended and penetration delayed through the following technique:.

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Back to Sexual health. The vagina is designed to keep itself clean with the help of natural secretions discharge. The vagina is a tube of muscle inside a woman's body that runs from the cervix the opening of the womb to the vaginal opening.

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Despite all of the marketing that tells you otherwise, there is likely nothing wrong with your vaginal odor. And, no, that scent probably won't be a field of wildflowers. It's a vagina, not a perfume counter.


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