Breast lymph nodes

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Surgery for breast cancer treatment 2. Which type of surgery will I have? Breast-conserving surgery: lumpectomy or wide local excision 4.

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If you're struggling to find what you need, call our Support line on 7 days a week, 8am-8pm. Breasts are made up of fat, supportive connective tissue and glandular tissue containing lobes. The lobes milk glands are where breast milk is made.

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Breast cancer starts in the breast tissue, most commonly in the cells that line the milk ducts of the breast. It is the most common cancer in the UK. It mainly affects women but men can get it too.

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The presence of cancer cells is known as lymph node involvement. Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped organs that act as filters along the lymph fluid channels. As lymph fluid leaves the breast and eventually goes back into the bloodstream, the lymph nodes try to catch and trap cancer cells before they reach other parts of the body.

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It may be more common if radiation is given after surgery or in women who are obese. Sometimes the swelling lasts for only a few weeks and then goes away. But in some women, it lasts a long time.

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October 10,by NCI Staff. New study results show that for women with early-stage breast cancer, having only a sentinel lymph node biopsy after lumpectomy, rather than a more aggressive biopsy procedure, did not decrease survival. Long-term results from a large clinical trial confirm that, for some women with early-stage breast cancer who have lumpectomy as their surgical treatment, a less extensive lymph node biopsy approach is sufficient.

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Lymph nodes are small clumps of immune cells that act as filters for the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system runs throughout the body like the circulatory blood system and carries fluid and cells. Figure 4.

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If breast cancer spreads, it usually first spreads to the lymph nodes close to the breast. These lymph nodes drain the lymphatic fluid from the breast and arm. This is called an axillary lymph node dissection ALND or axillary clearance.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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After performing a self-breast exam, Bonnie Brooks discovered a lump and immediately scheduled an appointment with her doctor. On September 11,she was diagnosed with Stage 3 metastatic breast cancer. Watch Bonnie's inspirational story and learn more about how she overcame breast cancer.


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