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A rare, original, vintage Camel Cigarettes thermometer sign. The bottom half of the sign features a raised graphic of a pack of Camel Cigarettes with several cigarettes pulled out, the right of which contains the mercury style thermometer. This type of advertising was especially popular in the mid-twentieth century as shop owners were more likely to leave these signs up because of the utility of the thermometer.

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My Uncle was the king of Camel cigarette collecting and had a mountain of it, with which he could have probably bought a Camel Ferrari. We ship anywhere in the world! Skip to content.

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US Surgeon General Luther Terry's Advisory Committee report on Smoking and Health brought about significant changes for the tobacco industry, leading to far tighter restrictions on advertising as well as the addition of warning labels on packaging. As far back as the early s, cigarette advertising had begun to attract controversy, yet tobacco companies continued to pour money into their marketing efforts. From the late s, cigarette companies were able to strengthen their brands due to the invention of color printing, which heralded a new era for both advertising and packaging — including the placement of trading cards in individual boxes.

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Camel is an American brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by the R. Most current Camel cigarettes contain a blend of Turkish tobacco and Virginia tobacco. Winston-Salem, North Carolinathe city where R.

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After the s and '60s, the FCC made it harder to advertise on television and radio. As of now, companies can still advertise in print, alongside a Surgeon's General warning. All the ads are pure evil, but damn it if some aren't sexy as hell.

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PEOPLE who remember when tobacco advertising was a prominent part of the media landscape — and others who recall what they learned in Marketing — probably recollect that actors like Barbara Stanwyck and athletes like Mickey Mantle routinely endorsed cigarettes. But how about doctors and other medical professionals, proclaiming the merits of various cigarette brands? Or politicians?

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Light aging throughout. No natural defects. No tears.

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Home Categories Archive Community. Reynolds sold his shares of his father's company in Patrick County, Virginia, and ventured to the nearest town with a railroad connection, Winston-Salem, to start his own tobacco company. He bought his first factory building and established the "little red factory" with seasonal workers. The second primary factory was built in

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For the first half of the 20th century, tobacco advertising was virtually unregulated. In that environment, companies used cigarette spokespeople that are laughable to modern audiences. Even doctors and babies sold cigarettes.

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