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One woman opens up about her intimate experience during child birth in this post, originally featured on AngelaGallo. Yes, you heard me right. And don't be so shocked.

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By the time you make it to through that ninth month of pregnancy, you deserve an award. You're ready for your baby, but sometimes your baby thinks that hanging out in the womb for a little bit longer is the best plan of action. Which is when you turn to every myth about inducing labor to try and help the baby along.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Angela Gallo during labor. Photo courtesy of Lacey Barratt Photography. Ask most women about their birthing stories, and sexual pleasure doesn't come into play.

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Posted by: gommon on: December 9, Before you try anything make sure that you recheck your dates. Get your midwife to look again at the date when your baby is due working from the last day of your period or from your scan.

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How old are you? Woman C: Thirty-one. How did you learn about orgasmic birth?

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Yes, we know that masturbating while pregnant is mind-blowingly amazing, but does it actually have any effect on expediting the onset of labour? We get into the nitty gritty. I downed curries that could make Thai sailors cry.

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Look it up. I discovered this fairly early on in my pregnancy, as I was approaching the end of my first trimester. My morning sickness was fading, I was starting to regain my energy, and I was no longer subsisting on a diet of ginger ale and stale graham crackers—but I still had no desire to have sex with my husband.

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Now, the idea of climactic or pleasurable delivery seems to be gaining traction again. Still, the science of orgasmic birth is murky at best. And some experts believe that clitoral stimulation to induce labor can actually pose health risks.

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But, funny as the idea is, how much truth is there in the whole getting-it-on-to-bring-on-birth advice? Well, oxytocin is one of the main hormones involved in driving your labour and that just happens to be produced when you orgasm. What positions might be good at this late stage of pregnancy, then?


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