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Just like in real life, some get famous for creating stupid videos, others for masterpieces. The mediocrity is never rewarded so you must pick your poison. What data did we use?

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Yea I know, we should of had this up 2 weeks ago. But better late then never. Click here to compare it to the April list.

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New data released by PornHubyour favorite porn statisticiansreveals the sordid details of the most popular porn searches in 24 U. HuffPost Weird News asked PornHub if the fact that this data is based only on search terms -- and not on people clicking on links and categories from the homepage -- skews the results at all. So what's with all the "massage" searches?

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In"Stormy Daniels" was the most defining search term on Pornhub dot com. When her name surfaced in the news, whether in reference to bribery payoffs on behalf of Donald Trump or " mushroom penis ," searches for her pornographic work skyrocketed. And right behind Stormy in terms of 's most defining search terms on Pornhub was "Fortnite.

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Secrets Revealed in this Free Webinar. Ever wondered what are the most searched words on google? Please exercise your own discretion to decide whether you want to proceed ahead or not.

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When you do the math, Clearly, with figures as big as those, there was a lot of information to process, and a lot to uncover. First off, here's some rough general data about the unfathomable amount of porn that was uploaded and watched in

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On Tuesday Pornhub expanded upon their Year in Review thanks to a request from Mashable to include a state-by-state breakdown detailing who in what region is into what type of porn. What they found—and then put into easy-to-consume chart form—was that it was a very good year for lesbians:. They also let you know that "cheerleaders" and "hentai" are charging hard for lesbians inwhile "giantesses" are coming for the crown in parts of New England:. They also posted the terms that states searched for more often in comparison with other stateswhich is the most interesting chart due to its variety.

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Every year, when Pornhub releases their list of most popular search terms, they also include some of the most popular porn stars people search for. While the top spots are always historically women, inthe top 25 spots were women, and inthe top 32 spots were held by womenmale porn stars deserve recognition too! For your pleasure, a safe-for-work guide to the most popular male pornstars.

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