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When she first appeared on Junior M. Gthe rap icon that went on to become her lover and mentor. She set herself apart by owning, weaponising, and celebrating her unapologetic sexuality.

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Both humble and unconventional, these J. Cole quotes will show you the power of being your most authentic self while pursuing your dreams. Cole lyrics, you will now!

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The late s were the apex years of hip-hop. Music labels were spending millions on videos, world tours, and promotional merchandise to proliferate the decadent image of hip-hop artists and their lifestyles. At the time, one of the most talked about rappers was The Notorious B.

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Life After Death Intro 2. Somebody's Gotta Die 3. Hypnotize 4. Kick In The Door 5.

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Translate Email Print. MMX 2. Miles Away 3.

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Yah Jazz whah I got land in the Switzerland even got sand in the Marylands Bahamas in the spring baby it's a big momma thing can't you tell by the diamonds in my rings that's how many times I wanna cum, twenty-one and another one, and another one, and another one 24 carot nigga, that's when I'm fuckin wit' the average nigga word to Shaft, brothers be battin' me and oh don'tya like the way I roll, and play wit' my pussy tell me what's on your mind when your tongues in the pussy Is it marriage baby carots shit no, on a dime shit is mine, got to keep em comin all the time Why? Lil Ceas Chorus: repeat 2X killahs be quite my nigga bring the riots tough talk tough walk that shit is tired you wanna be this queen B but ya can't be thats why you're mad at me Verse Two: Hoes think I'm foul call me the bitch shitter the lyrical gonna take a miracle like Denise Williams bitches get ill, by the 6 shoota gunz we got a lotta, you can't see me not-a-lot want it raw dog well you best to see Poppa get your tit's licked, wouldn't it be glourous if you you give head to Notorious, then say my crew you just a wanna be down wit my clique, bitch just a dick suckin nasty ready for some ass let me stress the tattoo on your breats B. Kelly and that twin Pac up in your belly Chorus Verse Three: saw a nigga whwh, pussy greases up stack da skeeza, keep em knees up what da fuck stay chillin, pack a million Geneva diva yeah, I throws it down lay around clown the clock steps for no one never 68 and owe 1, takes one to know one better of wit da Playboy magazines uh, fuckin wit da Don pussy tease, here's three for takes yeah I ride crate state to state Lieutenant then it takes mad dimes, from New York to Anaheim While you day dreamin wine, I just keep gettin mine and I'm married to this Y'all our strategy misses still planin wettins mafio also deadins all that bullshit any type of threatens to pull shit unh, ooh yeah who shot ya, huh who knows but they gotcha unh, fed up, uhh wet up uhh maybe next time keep your head up Chorus.

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You got it goin' on, wha wha Wha, wha You got it goin' on, wha wha Wha, wha You got it goin' on, wha wha Wha, wha You got it goin' on, wha wha. I used to be scared of the dick now I throw lips to the shit Handle it like a real bitch, Heather Hunter, Janet Jack-me Take it in the butt, yeah, yazz wha I got land in Switzerland, even got sand in the Marylands. Bahamas in the spring, baby, it's a big momma thang Can't tell by the diamonds in my rings That's how many times I wanna cum, twenty one And another one, and another one, and another one.

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Before their debut albums came out a week apart from each other in '96 Hard Core came out on Nov. Lil Kim went hard on Junior M. With their raunchy, over-the-top lyrics and skimpy clothes to match, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown took complete ownership of their womanhood and had no qualms about calling out fake or small "nas" see: Foxy Brown's "I'll Be" and Lil Kim's "No Time". Now, 20 years later, their influence is still tangible and sonically present in today's crop of female artists.

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Another 2. Back Stabbers 3. Big Momma Thang 'Remix' Modify 4.

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Don't Murder Me I'm Drowning. Cheap and Nasty, Just like Me. Cheap and Nasty, Just like you. Hello, how are you?


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