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Good porn can be hard to find! As we all know because we are womenwomen enjoy porn just as much as guys do. Sites are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being a sad face emoji, 5 being heart eyes.

Offering exclusive content not available on Pornhub. Porn for women takes many forms, and there's no single genre that fully defines " porn for her ". That's why we've compiled all of the porn videos that are most-watched and most-favorited by real women.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! I want to support her interest and help her find something that she will enjoy!

Erotica for women is blooming on social. As she is building a better Internet for women with her platform Lips, Annie Brown has uncovered many talented sex-positive artists online and share with us her selection. Cultivate your erotic imagination!

Be warned! This part of the site is fairly out of date. Check the blog for new stuff!

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About our Female Friendly porn videos It's a known fact that women also enjoy pornography and female friendly sex videos are usually full of sensuality and passion. Superb babes with round, mouthwatering breasts waiting impatiently for their husbands to return from a business trip just to put their lips around those hard cocks before having their pussies fucked in missionary position. Women gazing into their partner' eyes as they ride thick meatbones for intense orgasms at the end and naughty housewives rediscovering the excitement of sexual satisfaction with a new lover inside a hotel room.

Hey, girl, it's cold outside. So why head out into a blizzard when you can snuggle up with a sexy flick and get down with your bad self or just enjoy the show. To save you a ton of wasted time—and batteries—here are six hot-and-steamy lady porn locales your libido will love.

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Occasionally I get nostalgic for the era when your average fumbling teenage lad thought a clitoris was a small island off the West coast of Africa — but not often. The wonderful thing about erotica as opposed to porn and there is a difference is that good erotica will also depict the psychology of love-making as well as the physiology — in other words it will contain a fair amount of explicit and sophisticated foreplayas opposed to your Benny Hill over-excited puppy approach — and this can certainly operate as a kind of guide book to the complexities of female sexuality. Every woman longs for an experienced lover who can intuit their most secret sexual proclivities without them having to spell it out.

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I've heard you suggest erotica as a way to get turned on, but I find the majority of porn to be a huge turn-off especially the kind my guy watches. Am I missing something here? Or is there porn out there that's better for me?

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