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Police are hunting for a woman they say walked into a supermarket before peeing on a pile of potatoes. The curly-haired shopper was seen strolling into a Walmart store in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, after 10pm on July She then walked over to the potatoes and began relieving herself on them, to the horror of an employee who saw what was going on.

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Grace Brown, who was reportedly filmed relieving herself into a potato bin by security cameras at the West Mifflin, Pennsylvania Walmart last week, has turned herself in to police after her photo and story — which officers had circulated widely in the hope of identifying the mysterious bladder bandit — went viral. Do you recognize this woman? This allegedly happened in the early morning hours last Thursday.

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Something as simple as sneezing during an allergy fit or jumping during a cardio workout class could cause urine to leak out, says Philip Buffington, M. Your solution: Kegels—yep, the same exercise that can strengthen your orgasms —can build your pelvic floor muscles. Your solution: Kegels will help here, too.

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Police said surveillance video showed Brown entering the West Mifflin store around 10 p. Store detectives called police, who identified Brown after releasing portions of the store video. Brown, accompanied by her attorney, surrendered at the West Mifflin police station after she was contacted by police and was released on a court summons. That food offender was later identified by police as a year-old San Antonio girl.

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Van Zyl further said: "The bank discourages the circulation of the video to safeguard the dignity of the customer". People are getting angry. Angry with govt, angry with corruption, angry with banks, queues and the rising cost of living while salaries stagnate or diminish.

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When I was 21, I dated an older guy he was 30 for a couple of months. One night, I stayed over at his house, and the next morning, I woke up and really had to pee. Then my boyfriend woke up.

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In elementary school, there were many times I was just too busy to go to the bathroom to relieve myself. I was busy. Being a gymnast for 12 years brought its fair share of unsolicited pee releases — squirts and spills galore, actually, with nowhere to hide.

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Jump to navigation. A year-old woman turned herself in after police officials released pictures of her urinating in a bin of potatoes at a departmental store in Pennsylvania. Photos obtained from security camera footage at the Walmart were released by the police following which Grace Brown came forward to identify herself to the West Mifflin Borough Police Department. The police department, in a press release, said that an employee at the Walmart spotted urine on the floor of the produce section.

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This article is part of Week on Noisey, where we revisit all the best and worst pop culture relics from a decade ago. Very late. The traffic leading to the venue was so bad that they arrived with no time to do anything but take the stage.

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