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Talk about word origins. Well it turns out, yes and no. It meant precisely what it means today BUT, surprise, surprise — it derived from a much older Germanic word, meaning — of all things — to strike.

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The earliest verifiable use of the word, in an unambiguously sexual context in any stage of English, appears in court documents from CheshireEngland, which first mention a man called "Roger Fuckebythenavele" possibly a tongue-in-cheek entry or directly suggestive of a depraved sexual act on December 8, Compare Scots fukfuckattested slightly earlier. A range of folk-etymological backronymssuch as " fornication under consent of the king" and "for unlawful carnal knowledge ", are all demonstrably false among other things, words like fornication are Anglo-Norman in origin, while "fuck" is of Germanic origin long predating the Norman Conquest.

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Fuck is a profane English-language word [1] which often refers to the act of sexual intercourse but is also commonly used as an intensifier or to denote disdain. While its origin is obscure, it is usually considered to be first attested to around In modern usage, the term "fuck" and its derivatives such as "fucker" and "fucking" can be used as a nouna verban adjectivean interjection or an adverb.

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So if you do believe any of that, stop it. Stop it right now. The more you know…]. The coded example might have been an early way around actually writing it.

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Our favourite four-letter words have a fascinating history. Rather than being written in manuscripts by monks, we find them used by normal people and preserved in surprising places like place names, personal names, and animal names and they reveal more about our medieval past than just attitudes towards sex and body parts. Using place names though, we can trace it back a bit earlier.

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Tracing the origin of this word has been a difficult one for etymologists and lexicographers. Because it has been a taboo word for many centuries, there is little record to go on. But modern etymologists have pieced together the history, albeit with some gaps still existing here and there.

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On the other hand, those who use it say it is just an intensifying tool of stronger emphasis that can explain certain situations much better than the softer words generally used by the overly polite, pretentious and goodie two-shoes of the world. The debate over whether such an expletive should be allowed on the air has strong arguments on both sides. Often those in favor of its usage argue that society gives the F-word its power, and that in reality it is essentially like any other word — simply, a verbal representation of thought.

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Written form only attested from early 16c. OED 2nd edition citesin the form fukkit ; earliest appearance of current spelling is -- "Bischops Buck cites proper name John le Fucker frombut the surname could have other explanations.

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Top definition. As fuck unknown. An expression that can be added to almost any adjective to give emphasis.

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Q From Heres Snijder, Canada : I remember someone telling me once, long ago, that actually the F-word is an abbreviation. The last two letters of the word were, I believe, contracted from the words Carnal Knowledge. Could you help me out here, perhaps with some additional etymological data? A Fuckthe most-used item of vulgar slang in the language and still one capable of shocking even in these linguistically tolerant times, has always fascinated the know-alls of etymology, especially those who see acronyms everywhere.


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