The benefits of swinging

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Children through the years have enjoyed swinging, whether on the playground, at the park, or in the backyard. The s ensations of flying and falling make swings one of the most popular pieces of equipment on the playground. There are many types of swings suitable for children.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Straight-Base Swing Set Series features a straight, vertical clubhouse structure that can be added onto at any time with a built-in picnic table, a bottom playhouse or a deluxe sandbox.

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Do you want to do something easy and fun that will make you weightless? Do you want to feel the breeze in your hair as you float through the air while laughing out loud? Go swing.

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Most people probably consider swinging a childhood staple. But did you know swinging also benefits your body? Especially as a child? Sensory integration — There is a reason that swinging is commonly used in Occupational and other sensory therapies.

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Posted by Brennan on April 29, under Parenting. But there are also some neurological benefits to swinging on a backyard swing set that most people are unaware of. Studies have shown that children who swing regularly sleep well or better anyway because the spinning motion helps balance neurological activity in the brain.

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Think back to when your child was a baby. How did you calm their crying? Maybe you walked around the room swinging them until they stopped crying.

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Jami Murdock- In the area of early childhood development or preschool where I am a teacher, we focus on preparing the kids for their upcoming experience at school. Since children in preschool learn through play, playground activities are extremely important in our day. The vestibular system serves many purposes: influences the development of muscle tone, determines your ability to balance, helps us coordinate both sides of our body together and allows us to coordinate our eye movements with our head.

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The most obvious benefit is that swinging is fun and exciting. The feeling of being weightless for a split second at each end of the pendulum, feeling the wind as you accelerate down, hitting the bottom of the pendulum in full speed with the extra g-force on your body is exciting. To laugh and be happy is most beneficial to both our physical and mental health. Most babies children would benefit from having plenty of opportunities to swing.

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You know those five senses we learned about in school: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch? Two additional, and important, senses are beginning to get the attention they deserve: vestibular and proprioception. Proprioception is the sense of where your body parts are in relation to one another, even with your eyes closed.

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I love a swing! Some of my fondest memories as a child are of running for the swing set at recess. We still have that swing up.


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