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When I was in high school, I thought lesbian dating was the worst. I rejoiced when I came to college and finally had the ability to use dating apps. Tinder had just come into popularity, and I thought that meant all I had to do was swipe a little and women would come falling in my lap.

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Gay Money Matters! We all know the stereotype of the typical gay man — indeed, many of us are the stereotype — uber-successful, well-dressed fellows strolling around P-town, Fire Island, and other glamorous haute spots. This pervasive image is a double edge though because it fails to acknowledge that just like any other demographic, our socioeconomic diversity, for both gays and lesbians, includes those toiling below the poverty line as well as those prospering at the highest echelons.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Gay and Lesbian Well-Being.

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The Gay White Oprah My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an guy who has a title that I have never used before on any show But it is one that I wish that I had come up with, as he has been called the Gay White Oprah which is a fantastic name. But how has he come to receive such an accolade you maybe asking? Well my listeners it can be put down to one thing, or maybe two things. The ability to be himself, and the ability to know how to connect with others.

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On Tuesday, voters in the state backed repealing a law allowing same-sex marriage that had passed the Legislature and signed by the governor. Focus on the Family also was involved in the fight in Washington State over a law expanding rights for gay couples through civil unions. Tom Minnery, senior vice president of Focus Action, the group's political arm, said it would have donated more were it not for Washington's campaign finance limits.

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The cardinal rule of handling a banking interview if you are gay, lesbian or transgender is as follows: Whatever you do, "Do not come out if the company doesn't have a policy regarding sexual orientation or gender identity. Dubbed "Out on the Street," the event was dedicated to advancing the ranks of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender LGBT banking leaders, and set out to prove that gays and bulge-bracket banks need not co-mingle like oil and water. Participants discussed progress to date-particularly the emergence of private banking and advice-giving practices for gay couples, by gay advisors.

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The film has also garnered some "straightwash" pushback — the accusation that the movie diluted its gay source material to make itself more palatable to straight audiences — as the conversation about this film falling into a Hollywood trend of preferring to cast straight actors in prominent LGB roles is slowly gaining momentum. This is a new manifestation of an old story — critically-lauded LGB-themed films of past few years like Moonlight and Carol also starred straight actors. To convince Hollywood executives and casting directors that LGB-themed films with LGB actors playing LGB roles can be critically and commercially successful across wide audiences, entertainment insiders and consumers alike can use their money, influence and social media platforms to support, promote, and elevate LGB-inclusive content, while using those same resources to push back against content they find exclusionary.

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YouthCare works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential. Address: Broadway Ave. EIP doh. We offer a peer-facilitated monthly support group in Seattle, WA.

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Society Business. Queer Money listeners and Facebook group members have told us several times that their 2 financial concern is saving for retirement. So this week on Queer Money, we are tackling a major question.

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From marketing campaigns, core company values and public support of Equality, to hiring and health care benefits—corporate America can be a champion for LGBTQ equality when they demonstrate their true commitment. Inthere are multiple companies, big and small, that champion LGBTQ equality hiring — and these places are hiring now! We are members strong and counting, and have 10 active chapters across our Intuit sites globally. The Pride Network is also an important part of the Intuit culture.


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