Bottom dross

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We are facing a bottom dross generation problem in the continuous hot dip galvanizing pot. The furnace is all vertical type annealing furnace. We are maintaining a pot temperature in the range of Deg.

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Passing inspection under the specification ASTM A depends on the type of dross inclusion present on the surface of the finished galvanized product. Before I answer your question, lets address a brief background on dross. Dross is defined as a byproduct of the galvanizing process that forms by reactions between molten zinc and loose particles of iron in the galvanizing kettle.

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School of Sciences, Northeastern University. A theoretical framework of similarity and its related experimental methods concerning scaling physical model are presented to investigate dynamic behavior of bottom dross in a zinc pot during the continuous hot-dip galvanizing process. Based on the similarity criteria of Froude number, turbulent Reynolds number, Shields number and particle Reynolds number, an analytical framework is developed to describe similarity of dross dispersion, transport and deposition in a stirred molten zinc tank.

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This is my first time using this forum. My current interest is in characterizing the thermal and physical phenomenon of the galvanizing bath from the perspective of a furnace builder. I am curious as to whether anyone involved in the Batch Hot Dip Galvanizing process has measured the temperature of their Bottom Dross whilst in the kettle? This place had a kettle life of about 10 years.

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SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the nonferrous metallurgy, in particular to the flux and the method of deposition of the melt zinc-coatings on the metal products by dipping, in particular, to the hot zinc-coating of the steel and iron products. The bath for the fluxing contains the mentioned above flux in the solved in water state. The method of the hot zinc-coating includes the defatting of the products, flushing, etching, flushing, the bath treatment for a fluxing, drying, the hot zinc-coating and cooling.

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You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use most features on our website. Zircon Flour is used in the ceramic glaze, glass, refactory and plastic industry. Zircon Flour is ideal for use as an opacifier for glaze frits.

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The composition, microstructure and formation mechanism of the bottom dross in hot-dipping Zn It also indicated that there exists a trace of Ni in the bottom dross in hot-dipping Zn Luo et al.

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The dross formation is closely related with the solubility of Fe in the molten bath. When the Fe level exceeds the saturation solubility of liquid, the dross precipitates in the form of intermetallic compounds. Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry ICP was used to determine the content of Fe in molten bath.

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The present invention relates to hot dip coating of steel strip with molten metal, such as, zinc. More particularly, the present invention relates to removing and recovering bottom dross from the molten metal, such as, zinc during galvannealing or galvanizing. In some galvannealing and galvanizing processes, a dross is formed in the liquid metal bath.

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